What’s New for Web Design in 2019?

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Your website is your organization’s calling card, which is why it is imperative to ensure that it creates the right impression. With 2019 just beginning, it’s time to look at the web design trends you’ll be seeing everywhere:

web scrolling1.      Un-traditional scrolling

When you picture scrolling, you picture a movement that goes either up or down. One of the hottest web design trends in 2019 include un-traditional scrolling. Think sideways, diagonals, and anything else that doesn’t resemble up and down. The element of surprise can keep your audience engaged and will mostly likely increase brand recall too.

2.      Animations triggered by mouse movements

Speaking of changes in scrolling, many websites are now veering towards incorporating animations triggered by scroll movements. Others are using animations triggered by any mouse movement. Of course, this means that the web development process becomes a bit longer, but the overall results are much more impressive than the static websites you get in a single day!

3.      Micro-interactions

When you refresh a social media page, you may hear a beep or a ping that alerts you to a new message. This ping leads to a reaction from you, the user, in the form of checking the new message. This is known as a micro-interaction. Though these interactions have been around for ages, trends suggest that more and more websites are going to incorporate them to increase user engagement and alertness.

4.      More depth and dimension

Flat UX designs are officially old. Now, people want to bring back dimension and depth and that’s a huge web design trend in 2019. A little bit of shadow work and some detailing into the graphics can make your website stand out from the rest.

chat bot5.      More chat bots

Like micro-interactions, chat bots have been around for ages. However, their potential is being utilized now more than ever, as more and more people veer towards automation. Chat bots are a great way to establish some communication your audience and make sure that you can listen to what they need. You can use chat bots to direct your audience to different parts of your site, product list, or blog, as required.  Chat bots can also help with other marketing activities like lead nurturing.

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