How To Double Your CTR With This Little Known Ad Tactic

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Click through rate is an important aspect of online marketing. It is basically the ratio of people that click on a specific link to the actual number of users that visit the respective page.  Higher click through rates mostly translate into increased profit levels. Businesses strive to increase their click through rates in order to perform better in the online arena.

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What Is A Good CTR?

As mentioned earlier CTR is an important factor in all online businesses. Businesses tend to ask themselves regarding good click through rate. Subjectively speaking there is not good click through rate. It depends on many different things and varies from industry to industry. Studies show that the CTR for search ads is 1.91% where as CTR for display ads is around 0.35 % however this is not a benchmark for success.

There are many companies in the market with higher click through rates. Some companies even have twice or thrice the CTR as compared to the market average.

How Can You Double Your CTR

There are many different ways you can increase the click through rate for your business ads. You need to invest a lot of time and money in order to have a higher CTR. If you are someone who is looking to double their CTR then you should definitely give the following steps a look.

Use Ad Extensions review extensions

Google encourages the use of ad extensions like review extensions. A review extension lets you share your positive reviews and awards with potential customers. It is a great way to get more clicks and to spread positive word about your business.

Keyword in URL

If you want to double your CTR then you should try to revamp your business URL. Having a strong keyword in the URL is going to make things easier for you. It is very effective in increasing the CTR foe the respective ad

Discounted Offers In The Headline

People tend to click on links if they think they are going to get some economic benefit out of it.  Having a specific offer in the headline is also going to attract more customers which will eventually increase your click through rate.

Use Both Text and Image Based

In order to get more customers to click on your ad you need to create ads that are a combination of both text and images. Images tend to attract more customers however ads in the form of text can sometimes be more effective if they are used in a proper way.

Display and Search Ads

Display ads are good but search ads are amazing. Search ads are a great way to increase your CTR. You have to pay a relatively small amount of money to feature your business’s ad on search results.  Using search ads can help to show your business ad to people who are actually interested in your field.  So when your ad gets exposed to more people who are interested in the field, you are bound to get more clicks.


Almost all companies in the online arena try to increase their CTR through many different ways. There is no fixed CTR that can be considered as good however the average is near 2%. With the help of proper marketing many companies have achieve Click Through Rates way above 2%. If you are someone who is looking for ways to increase your business’s CTR then you should invest a lot of time, money and effort into it.

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