SEO Strategy – The Top 5 Keys to Betterment

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5 main seo strategy

Building a stellar SEO plan is the key to generating more traffic to your website. More traffic translates into enormous potential for selling, which will grow your business. While some might prefer Ads as their sole source of directing customers to their site, SEO is the way to go. But why? 

Why Ranking on the First Page is Your Goal

It’s important to understand that with SEO, your company can rank highly among organic search results or non-paid positions. This is crucial because these are more ‘trusted sites’ in the eyes of the searcher. Most people, probably you included, will skip right on by the paid ads. If not, you might scroll to the top of the organic and compare it to the ads. If your site isn’t ranking on the first page, you’re likely getting next to nothing traffic.

What it takes to get to the top of the SERPs depends on Google or the search engine you are trying to rank on. Each has its unique algorithm for deriving who ranks for what search values a person is looking up. While you could try to rank on Bing or other search engines, Google is the gold standard. Google receives over 7 billion searches a day. 7 billion! Reaching even a fraction of these searches can generate more customers and higher income potential. 

Focuses You Should Have While Crafting an SEO Strategy

local seo strategySo you know that ranking is important, it’s how you’ll reach your desired audience. But what are some key ways you can solidify your place among the first page rankings? Let’s take a look at the five essential components you should be implementing in your strategy today.

  • Perform Keyword Research

Arguably the most critical part of your campaign will be keyword research. You should be spending some time looking into what your audience is searching for. Analyzing the competitors and their keywords can also give you a good idea of what you should hone in on. Doing sufficient keyword research will benefit you in the long run and comprise every facet of your content creation and management.

  • Create Engaging Unique Content

Everything you do online should be directed towards your audience. This couldn’t be more accurate than when creating content. You should always consider the end-user when crafting content and make it as engaging as possible. Another great aspect to consider is answering questions. Building your brand with unique content is one of the big SEO basics and will allow you to answer some of the questions your customer might have about what services or products you offer or why you could benefit them. 

  • Catchy Headlines

A catchy headline can go a long way. Try not to overcomplicate it. Being direct about what is on the page is a must. You’ll get points for creativity plus the chance to use your primary keyword, which is an excellent feature when talking about SEO, as you’ll want to use your keyword in the H1 heading. 

  • Optimize On-Page

Any place that you can optimize your website, which includes the use of your keyword or to improve the user experience, you’ll want to. Stay up to date on Google’s requirements and what they look for to rank. On-page optimization is crucial to anyone’s SEO efforts.

  • Don’t Discount Social Media Link Building.

Link building should be a part of everyone’s strategy. This is what will give your website relevance and authority. Links will also make it more likely that a customer will click through to your page. Social media allows for free page creation and posting, which can quickly open the doors for a whole new audience. Lead potential from social media is still a significant factor when building an effective SEO strategy.

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