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Online reputation has a big impact on a company’s revenue. We can manage your repulation to increase visibility and build up brand equity.

What will people find when they Google your business name today? Will it be a bad Yelp review cautioning them not to buy from you? Or will it be something positive that will encourage them to buy from you? This is your online reputation, and it's very important for your business success. Don't underestimate the power of your online reputation.

Executives can spend long years developing a strong brand. It can be catastrophic to wake up one day and see defamatory remarks appearing online, particularly when the items move beyond constructive criticism to include outrageous accusations and even slanderous or libelous remarks. Even worse, the negative reviews are often on websites that rank high in search engines, so anyone doing a search on the company name will probably see them. Let us mange your online reputation to relieve you of such stress.

A reputable company should be able to show a successful track record with other clients. This should include before and and after results. Negative web pages should be moved down in the results, being replaced by web pages with positive or neutral information about the company. Ranking high on SERP will also define your brand strategy. Our search engine optimization skills can help you rank up higher, and our online marketing services help kick the negative reviews out, as well as track down the culprit for legal actions if necessary.

Online reputation is composed mainly of these three components:

  1. A well-designed, easy to use website that represents your brand.
  2. A strong social media presence, in which you respond to customer requests, criticisms and questions.
  3. Whatever shows up when people search your company's name on search engines.

If you neglect to manage your online reputation:

  1. Negative reviews remain on the Web to be seen by thousands, which can cost you thousands.
  2. You seem like a 'dead' company that's boring and doesn't even respond to its admirers.

Our Online Reputation Management solution:

  1. Aggressive SEO: If someone googles your name, appearing on page 1 and 2 of the search results will be much more important than your business card or website. The search engine game is too important to be ignored, and it is the first step we take in restoring your image.

  2. Review removal: Did a user claim something false about your company? Is that review clearly aimed at destroying your reputation rather than providing feedback? Does it contain improper language? Our prompt reaction will make it possible to remove this kind of negative review.

  3. Online investigations: In case of serious attacks to your brand image, it may be necessary to hire skilled online analysts to investigate untraceable threats and attackers via email tracing, data cross-indexing, and other information collection techniques. Let us investigate for you.

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