Harness The Power Of Employee Engagement : 3 Ways To Inspire & Engage Employees

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In today’s business world employee engagement is vital. Your employees determine the overall success of your organization far more than your products or services do. This is because it is the employees that work tirelessly to make things happen. Disgruntled employees can harbour a ton of demotivation, and end up slowing down workflow and crucial processes that enable your company to run. On the other hand, happy employees can take charge regarding their responsibilities and ensure that the organizational culture remains positive. This is why it is crucial to engage your employees and ensure that they are inspired and feel connected to the company. Some ways to do so are follows:

employee engagement

employee opinionStep 1 of Employee Engagement: Ask their opinion

A great boss is someone who allows employees to feel connected with their work. But that does not happen when employees feel like hamsters on a wheel who are performing mindless tasks day by day. A great way to ensure that employees take more pride in their own work is to allow them to feel more responsible for the entire task. Instead of just telling people to do something, engage them by asking their opinions. Let them voice their concerns and listen to them properly. Finally, let them come up with deadlines that feel fair, rather than just pushing tasks and deadlines on them.

Step 2 of Employee Engagement: Let them work towards defining goals

An organizations values and culture isn’t just something that trickles from the top tiers. It is something that is upheld by every employee working in that organization. Thus, enabling them to be a part of the value creation process and letting them feel as though they matter in the grand scheme of the organization can help you inspire them further. Employees that feel that their opinions matter are more likely to express them and work with their superiors towards a common goal.

employee choicesStep 3 of Employee Engagement: Give them choices

An organization that simply churns employees from one project team to another is not one that will do well. On the other hand, an organization that takes into account each employee’s strengths and weaknesses, and then places them on certain projects is one that will certainly thrive. While placing employees on projects, it is crucial for HR managers to find out whether they are comfortable with the project or the team. Sometimes, bad experiences with colleagues can also hamper one’s productivity, leading to further issues in one’s career.

Inspiring your employees to be better is the best way to make sure that your organization thrives. Creating a workplace that values its employees can be harder than it looks, which is why you should get in touch with the employee engagement experts & strategists at Domus. Make sure that your employees feel value to become an organization that creates value.

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