How to get better brand exposure with gatorboard printing

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gatorboard printing for brand exposure

Brand exposure lets consumers know about the existence of your brand. It influences their decision making process. It encourages them to build a positive perception towards your brand. Outdoor advertising is a good way to expose your brand and your products or services. It provides many benefits that other advertising channels may be unable to offer you, such as fast brand building and targeting.

Big brands in major cities spend a lot of money on outdoor advertising with office signs, banners. This medium effectively hits the target audience. According to tradeshow exhibitors, building brand awareness is one of the top three reasons for bringing a trade show display to an event. Thanks to the fact that 67 percent of attendees represent new prospects not reached by other marketing means, and thanks to the large numbers of people spending significant amounts of time in the exhibit hall, trade show displays are a valuable way to build positive perceptions of your brand among your target audience. There are many factors that contribute to successful branding. However, at a trade show, the biggest and most important factor is the trade show display itself. Through careful design and implementation, you should be able to use it to effectively communicate your brand to visitors but what to use to build these displays with?

Gatorfoam board signs are great for tradeshow signs, conference signs, POP signs and office signs. Gator Board, Gatorboard, Gatorfoam Board, Gator Foam or Gatorfoam are all common names for board and banner materials.  Gatorboard printing material is one of the best for your printing projects. Choosing Gatorboard printing material over a regular Foam Core Board gives you more strength and permanence in your prints which is worth the extra monies. Durability and strength is the biggest quality difference that Gatorboard and Gatorfoam have to offer over regular Foam Core Board. You would want your signs to last a long time as you will need attend many tradeshows over time for good brand exposure.

In order for people to remember your brand long after they leave the trade show, you must provide them with memorable branding in your trade show display. Unless they know exactly how your company differs from the rest, they are likely to forget about your brand as soon as they walk out of the exhibit hall. The most effective way to differentiate your brand through your trade show display is to focus your graphics and messaging on your brand’s unique qualities. For example, are you known for your friendly customer service in an industry otherwise known for its poor customer support? Do you promote eco-friendly products? Make your graphics and messaging about that. Your exhibit company can help you to take these unique qualities and display them in unique ways within your trade show display. As a result, not only is your messaging unique, but the way it is presented in your design is memorable as well.

A better understanding of your brand that visitors will be able to recall even after the trade show is over. Trade show displays can be effective tools for building brand awareness, as long as you design them to do so. By choosing the largest trade show display possible within your budget, focusing on attention-grabbing graphics, creating a booth design consistent with your other marketing endeavors. By using memorable graphics and messaging on gatorboard printing materials, you can craft a branded trade show display that will contribute toward greater brand awareness among your target audience.

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