Top tips for getting more engagement on your social media posts

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social media posts for exposure

Social media posts for exposure? If you use social media to promote your business online, then you’ll know just how effective it can be. From boosting brand awareness to driving more organic traffic to your site, having a presence on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram is a wise move. But if you want to get more engagement on your social media posts, there are a few things that you need to do. We’ve rounded up some of the biggest ways to boost engagement and get more out of social media.

Post images

Images and videos are known to attract more attention on social media than standard posts, so add an image or video whenever you want to get people to listen to what you have to say. You could use a free graphic design tool like Canva to create custom statistics, quotes and graphics, or record a video, showing off your office and giving people a behind the scenes product peek.

Pay for social media 

Social media takes time and dedication, and if you’re not naturally interested in Twitter and Facebook, then you’ll probably find it difficult to enjoy scheduling content and interacting with your followers. Good news is that some companies offer affordable social media management, which will not only take the pressure out of managing an account, but help you grow your audience. You can sit back and relax, while your social media team does the hard work.

Use advertising

Social advertising has proven itself to be an effective method of growing your presence on search engines and boosting engagement, especially if you’re promoting a new product or service. Facebook Ads are the most popular, with businesses spending millions of pounds on getting their products and services show up on their target audiences’ timelines.

Ask questions

Speaking with your audience one-on-one is a great way to boost engagement and get people interested in your business. Ask questions, use persuasive and questioning language, and be online so that you can respond to customer comments and messages as soon as they come in.

Run polls

Polls are another great way to get more engagement from your social media channels, with Facebook Pages, Twitter and Instagram Stories all now offering voting or polling functionality. Take a look at your options and decide which network is likely to drum up the most attention.

Launch a competition

Competitions are a fun way of growing your audience and getting your existing followers excited about your business once more. Offering a free product or service in exchange for a like, follow or share can help your social media posts go viral overnight, but make sure that you follow the best practices on the social networks and choose a prize that people would genuinely want.

These tips will help you get more from your social media channels and take your digital marketing to the next level. Experiment with different techniques and see which work best for you. Good luck with your strategy, and remember that quality content should always come first.

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