Raven’s Eye: Best Computer Assisted Qualitative Data Analysis Software (CAQDAS)

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Qualitative data analysis tool – A GREAT find for businesses!

I usually NEVER take time to write a post. This really has caught my attention.

We are a very customer focused mid sized business. Keeping preexisting and new customers happy is our bread and butter. We are constantly getting customer feedback. We gain customer feedback both at the point of sale and we deploy monthly, large scale, customer feedback surveys.

PROBLEM! Analyzing the responses has been a difficult. It takes hours and hours and even days. I never have time to fully go through all of the responses. I worry we are missing valuable information with the time it takes. Even worse I am not trained in data analytics. I have a degree, in marketing, not in the INS and OUTS of analyzing customer data. It is a very difficult experience to say the least. Plus, a number of our customers provide feedback in languages I am not skilled at interrupting- this has been another struggle completely. We value ALL of our clients and want to respond to all of their needs.

SOLUTION! Last month I came across Raven’s Eye a data analytics. I decided to take a chance and try the online software on our monthly customer feedback survey. In NO time flat I had analysis DONE! I am not kidding. I was able to interact with my data and separate male customer responses versus female customer responses. Comes with easy to read charts and graphs. Really a easy to use platform. To my surprise this software analyzes in over 65 languages too! This is a HUGE TIME SAVER! Makes it so we can respond to all of our clients needs.

Two thumbs up!

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