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  • December 4, 2016
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Conducting keyword research is critical to the success of any SEO campaign. Keyword research and analysis is a detailed process that involves reviewing keywords in terms of search engine traffic, local and global traffic volume statistics and so on.

Keywords can be chosen by electronically scanning the content of a website and seeing which keywords consistently appear. This signifies that the relevancy of the keywords is great and, consequently, would be useful when selecting choice keywords for the campaign.

The second method of choosing keywords involves selecting a couple of choice keywords and then allowing keyword analysis tools to find synonyms that would be equally relevant for the purposes of running a highly specific campaign that attracts target consumers.

Keywords must be qualified and the SEO campaign must be specific to the target audience. The more qualified the keywords, the better the quality of traffic.

Competitor Research & Competitors Analysis

Based on the chosen keywords, 2SEO will ascertain who are the main competitors that rank the highest in the search engine results. Using the latter information, we will determine what techniques these competitors are using to conduct their SEO campaigns. We review the many components of their campaign and determine the best way to match their success.

To review the competitor strategies, we examine the following:

Every website that has been optimized for the search engines carries numerous quantities of links, and some of these links are from legitimate websites and so provide legitimate traffic that we also can take advantage of.

Changes needed to the existing website to improve the structure and content of the website so that the search engines will pick it up more easily.

We research the keywords that other clients are using in their pay-per-click campaigns and their organic keywords as well. This allows us to confirm that we are on the continuing road to online marketing success.

Listed below is an overview of the elements we need to include in the competitor analysis to ensure SEO success:

  • Well written title tags? Common syntax throughout the site?
  • Does the competitor use heading tags throughout the site such as HI, H2, H3? Compare the text used in the heading tags with the competitors’ keywords and they should be the same.
  • Are drop down menus search engine friendly? If not, then there should be a text menu at the bottom of the page.
  • Do some text in the content area appear more often than other text?
  • Does the competitor have an xml sitemap? If yes, the competitor must have or has had SEO work done.

Be aware that some competitors use less than honest tactics that will have adverse effects on your search engine rankings in the long run.

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