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5 Reasons Why Search Engine Marketing Is So Important for Your Business

Search Engine Marketing is important for every business online to succeed online. Using effective SEM methods like SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and PPC…
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Six Fundamental Tips For Better SEO in 2018

Better SEO starts with the fundamentals and here are six of them that seldom if ever change that can also have a huge…
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SEO Monitoring and Reporting

Optimizing a site does not simply end when everything is in place. SEO is certainly not a one-time thing: it needs to be…
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Google Says No to Reciprocal Links

In the past, reciprocal links were an important aspect of many inbound linking strategies. But Google has ruled against this strategy and no…
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SEO Strategy for Images

It's always a good idea to incorporate images on your website, articles or blog, and they can actually improve your SEO. Images serve…
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Hand in Hand: SEO and Company Branding

We all know SEO is not based on exact guidelines. Rather than being a hard science, it is a flexible art. SEO and…
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Absolute Links vs. Relative Links

There is an ongoing debate about absolute links vs. relative links in the world of SEO. Yes, there are benefits and disadvantages to…
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Why Anchor Text Matters for Bank-links

Anchor text is the text which stands for a hyperlink--kind of like the hyperlink's title--and is clickable. According to SEO best practices, it…
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